Find out how to choose the right contractor for your roofing project and set terms that keep both of you accountable and completely satisfied.  These helpful questions should always be asked to insure that your contractor is fully capable of handling the job with professionalism and experience.

  1. Are you a licensed contractor in Georgia?  Be sure to obtain the license number to verify.
  2. Are you a member of any contractor organization? If so which one(s)?
  3. Do you pull permits when replacing a roof?
  4. Can you provide names and contact information for your last five jobs?  Ask for locations nearest to you.
  5. Are you listed on the BBB?
  6. What’s the name and contact information for your supplier?
  7. Can you provide a copy of your Workman’s Comp. certificate?
  8. Do you use subcontractors? If yes, what is their insurance information?
  9. Can you provide a copy of your general liability insurance information?
  10. Do you accept credit cards for payment?
  11. Will you provide a dumpster for refuse? If so, how will you protect my driveway from damage?
  12. How long will the dumpster be there and who’s responsible for any damage that may occur?
  13. Will you use the ladder stabilizers to protect my gutters?
  14. Do you clean the gutters of roof debris?
  15. What is your labor warranty on the new roof?
  16. Is your company and crew certified?
  17. Will the job be supervised? If so, by who and for how long?
  18. Do you provide a quality control process from start to finish?