Damage Experts - HAAG Certified

Your roof is a complex structure of boards, nails, insulation and roofing materials that truly protects against the elements - which also makes it very susceptible to damage. When a storm strikes, roof damage must be handled in a timely manner to minimize long-term structural damage. Trademark Roofing, Inc. responds quickly following any roofing damage to resolve emergency repairs and get your home started on the path to recovery. Our goal is to get your life and home back in order as soon as possible.

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HAAG certified-hail, wind & storm

HAAG Certified inspection for residential roof program is designed to make your highly proficient with all major types of residential roofs. With this certification, you gain comprehensive understanding of manufacture, installation weathering, hail damage, windage, maintenance, mechanical damage, and repair cost for each major roofing types.

Storm Damage

Georgia has some of the most unpredictable weather and some of the most dangerous storms. Trademark Roofing, Inc. is capable of responding to hail, wind, siding, shingle and roof damage. In the time of despair, trust Trademark Roofing, Inc. for all of your roofing needs.

Damage Decking Due to Falling Trees/Limbs

Damage decking can be caused by lack of maintenance, roof leaks, tree limbs, storms and etc. Replacing decking requires at least a 2ft x 2ft or more of the decking removed by cutting out and reinstalling properly with H-clips which increase panel stiffness by allowing distribution of weight between adjacent panels. Decking is always replaced back with what was originally installed.

Emergency Residential and Commercial Leak Repair

Leak repairs are your most common problem homeowners experience with their roof. By properly maintaining routine roof checkups every 2-3 years, could minimize leaks before they occur.

Emergency tarp and service

Contact Trademark Roofing, Inc. when there's an emergency and we will respond within 6-8 hours. This services includes tarps, leak repair, and estimates.

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