Roof maintenance is something that should be at the top of every homeowners list. If your roof is not properly maintained it can lead to major problems in your home. The best time to get your roof maintained and checked is not during the winter or the rainy season when most leaks make themselves known. Instead, you should get your roof checked annually during the summer, fall, or spring. When your roof is inspected annually, you will know when there are problems and can fix them before they become emergencies.

Roofing emergencies can double or even triple the cost of repair. These exponential increases in pricing can be avoided by uncovering and addressing roofing problems sooner. Furthermore, regular roof checks can keep your attic from getting water damaged, keep wildlife from entering your home, and ensure that your roof is the best type for the weather in your area. For example, in areas with a high potential for fires, a tile roof is much safer than a shingled roof.

Whenever you decide to do the maintenance on your roof make sure that you research your roofer. They should be licensed and come with good recommendations. A new roof or repairing an old one is a big investment and you do not want to just give the job to the lowest bidder (Remember, you typically get what you pay for). That roof will protect a lot, for many years to come. Always get quotes in writing and remember it is better to maintain your roof regularly than to have to deal with an unexpected emergency!