If you have cracked or deteriorated brick, mortar, or stucco, you may need Trademark Roofing, Inc. services. We also provide waterproofing services.

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Chimney caps & pans installation

Chimney Caps are essential chimney products that serve several purposes. Capping a chimney prohibits destruction on the inside from weather elements such snow or rain. They also keep birds, squirrels and other animals from resting inside of the chimney or entering the home through the chimney. Chimney Caps should be replaced when the roof is being replaced.

Chimney reflashing

There are a few types of chimney's which require a different type of flashing techniques. There's vinyl, stucco, brick, cedar, and hand sliding. But all require step flashing, lockout flashing and ice & water to protect projection.

Chimney crickets

Chimney Crickets are installed at the rear of the chimney that divides the water around projections and prevents the water from pooling at the rear of the chimney.

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