Trademark Roofing has been serving metro Atlanta for over 20 years. It is our goal to become the number one provider of quality roofing while providing optimal customer satisfaction. We are accredited by the BBB, and the Chamber of Commerce, and we are listed on HomeAdvisor, and Angie's List. For decades, we have maintained an excellent reputation for our integrity, honesty, and being committed to our purpose.

Trademark Roofing offers superb workmanship. Our trained professionals are focused on getting the job right the 1st time. Our quality control team provides a meticulous finish - not only to ensure quality, but your peace of mind.

Yuriyah Austin is the CEO of Trademark Roofing and has been in roofing for over 23 years. His father was a building contractor and the craft was passed down at an early age. Moving to Georgia in 1998, he worked for several roofing companies in Atlanta and branched out on his own in 2000 to start TMR. Today he is still very hands-on in the everyday operations of the company. At TMR we are passionate about providing superior customer service and experience, that is trustworthy and dependable.

Excellence is what the homeowners want and Trademark Roofing, Inc. delivers and exceeds the homeowner expectations.

Excellence is what the homeowners want and Trademark Roofing, Inc. delivers and exceeds the homeowner expectations.


At Trademark Roofing Inc we are dedicated and determined to give superior customer service, from initial contact at scheduling your appointment, up until an even after we finish the job at hand. We stand behind our work because our goal is to get it right the first time. We strive to make sure you have an overall positive experience each and every time. Trusting Trademark Roofing with your home allows us to accomplish a mutual goal and exceed expectation in your vision. Minor repairs to total re-roofs we give all of our customers the same dedication, attention, and superior workmanship that you can be proud of for years to come. We only use quality materials on all of our roofing jobs to ensure the best job possible. Our roofing crews are professional and skilled. Combined with our trained staff, this allows us to be productive in every aspect of our business.


Our success is solely due to our customers and support over the years which has allowed TMR to become one of the most reliable and dependable roofing companies in Atlanta. We are dedicated to becoming Atlanta's first self-sufficient complete roofing company in Georgia. We have achieved numerous awards and accolades, but our greatest achievement is coming in 2020 as TMR will be revealing it's new facilities. When excellence is the top priority, the company reflects it.


The objective is simple:

  • Provide The Most Accurate Estimate and Do What We Say We Will Do
  • Solve The Problem: Stop the leak.
  • Peace Of Mind: Prevent a leak and assure a reliable performance with quality and workmanship that gives the homeowner a stress free experience.
  • Retaining Your Property's Value: Higher resale and ascetically pleasing to the homeowner and the community.


Trademark Roofing strives to eliminate the hurdles and obstacles that hinder the process of excellence. When price becomes a factor, it limits perfections, creates uncertainties and hinder the importance of trust. This may allow the homeowner to lose sight of the initial goal in selecting a sound roofing system. Excellence is what drives us, satisfied customers is what drives us and to become Atlanta's #1 roofing company is what drive use to achieve and excel beyond our expected goals.

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